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Casos de usuarios de nuestro sistema de refrigeración comercial

Liquor industry
Wuliangye Group Company, Changyu Group Company, Yanjing Beer Group Corporation, Tsingtao Brewery Group Company, Guangzhou Zhujiang Brewery Company, Shanghai Suntory Brewery Company, and Beijing Beer Asahi Company

Dairy industry
Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Company, Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy Company, Bright Dairy & Food Company, Tianjin Wahaha Dairy Products Company, and Hunan Prince Milk Group Biological Technology Company

Beverage industry
SDIC Zhonglu Fruit Juice Company, Shaanxi Haisheng Fruit Industry Development Company, Huiyuan Juice Group Company, Hangzhou Wahaha Group Company, and Yangshengtang Pharmaceutical (International) Holdings Company

Poultry processing
Luohe Shuanghui Industry Group, Jiangsu Yurun Food Industry Group Company, Inner Mongolia Small Fat Sheep Rouye Company, Linyi Xincheng Jinluo Meat Products Company, and Qingdao Wanfu Food Company

Fruits and vegetables processing
Zhejiang Haitong Food Group Company, Xinjiang Korla Pear Company, Xi'an Huasheng Fruit Industry Company, Longkou Fook Huat Tong Kee Refrigeration Company, and North Green Food Company

Aquatic products processing
Homey Group, Zhoushan Ocean Fishery Group, China Fisheries (Group) Corporation, Tianjin Fisheries Group Company, Guangdong Fishing Vessel Industrial Company, and Xiangshan Shipu Dongfang Aquatic Products Company

Cold storage transportation
Shandong i-Haifeng International Logistics Limited, Qingdao Lingguang Logistic Company, Lianyungang Tianyuan Food Company, Shenyang Chnegda Logistic Company, Qingdao Port Sheng International Trade Company, and Guangdong Jiangnan Vegetable Wholesale Market

Quick-frozen food
Synear Food Holdings Limited, Kedi Food Group Company, Henan Xiaolian Food Company, Hangzhou Youkang Food Company, Suzhou Suayi Foods Company, and Sea King (Shantou) Food Company